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"The Olivet Discourse" (B)

"The Olivet Discourse" (B)

No one has a more complete knowledge of the end times than Jesus Christ Himself.  And on one occasion, while sitting on the Mount of Olives overlooking the beautiful Temple in Jerusalem, He gave a detailed dissertation to His disciples of the things that were to come, leading up to His return as the King of Kings.  This five lesson study contains the following lessons:
“The Disciples’ Questions” (Matt. 24:1-9)
“Eternal Security” (Matt. 24:9-13)
“The Olivet Discourse Parables” (Matt. 24:45 – 25:30)
“From the Abomination of Desolation to the Second Coming” (Matt. 24:14-36)
“The Judgment of Nations” (Matt. 24:37-44, 25:31-46
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