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What is a “Bible Prophecy Revival”?


There are many good Bible Prophecy teachers in our day. They are gifted and called out to impart an understanding of eschatology. I too, enjoy teaching and being taught from the Bible, especially as it speaks of end-time events. However, my specific calling is that of a preacher. So, unlike others who teach conferences and seminars on Bible prophecy, I PREACH the prophetic Scriptures. And, because I exhort people to have a saving relationship and intimate fellowship with Jesus, I prefer to call these meetings “Revivals”.












The fulfillment of Bible prophecy is one of the best evangelistic tools available to the Church today! It serves to convince the skeptic that the Bible truly is the supernatural Word of God. Therefore, the lost man begins to recognize a need to be in right relationship with Jesus Christ (saved) as he is convinced of the soon return of Jesus for His people. Likewise, the Christian is motivated to faithfulness in Christian service as he too begins to believe in the imminence of the Lord's coming.



Using PowerPoint presentations with scriptures, charts, outlines, pictures and video clips, I incorporate the use of visuals with the spoken word and have found that both the impact and the retention of the message is enhanced. Today’s computer and video technology allows for a visual presentation that preachers and teachers of yesteryear were not privileged to possess.

So, through the exhortation of the preached Word and the explanatory nature of the visual presentation, the audience understands prophecy and is moved by God's Spirit to act on what they now know.

But the goal is to encourage people to seek a closer walk with Jesus as they recognize the clear evidence pointing to His soon return. Unless one is drawn to Christ, possessing all the Bible knowledge in the world is in vain.

Hear the answers to these questions... and more:

  • Why is it important to study Bible Prophecy?

  • Why are there so many different views of end-time events and what is the most Scriptural viewpoint?

  • What exactly are the signs of our day that point to the soon return of Jesus?

  • What do the events of Sept. 11, 2001 mean to the United States of America?

  • Has God “washed His hands” of the Jewish people? If not, then how do they fit into His future plan? And, what significance does this have to me as a Gentile?

  • What is the current situation in Israel and is there any prophetic significance to what is happening there today?

  • As a Christian, where do I fit into God’s plan for the ages?

Learn about our Annual Louisiana Bible Prophecy Conference over on our "Events" page, or by clicking here!

God's Prophetic Word


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